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Maintaining operational security and reliability is a top priority for Click Stake.
Reliability starts with premium hardware. We use the latest generation enterprise solutions, ensuring high performance. Our mainnet servers are hosted in enterprise grade data centers with tight physical access controls, power back ups, 24/7 monitoring, and alerting. OS access is restricted to SSH keys only, password based log ins are fully disabled.


Many validators fail to implement the most basic measures. Below follows a high-level summary of our most important measures. Feel free to contact us for more info.
  • Constant Monitoring
    • We know how our validator performs at all times. If something irregular happens to it, we will be notified instantly.
  • Security Patching
    • We check for and install Linux security patches.
  • Strict Firewall Settings
    • We only expose ports which are absolutely necessary to operate: SSH and the minimum range required by Solana. Traffic to any other port is blocked.
  • Hardened SSH Configuration
    • We only use public-key cryptography for remote access. Password login and outdated key algorithms are disabled.
  • Strict Identity Management
    • We run separate user accounts for the administrator and the Solana user. The latter does not have sudo privileges. The root account is disabled.
  • Considering New Measures Regularly
    • Our default is “best practice”. When we find a better practice, that will be our new default. And we are always looking.


We can be reached via email at [email protected]
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